There must have been times when you would have felt lonely and stressed. In these times one can have recurring thoughts which can create a loop like effect, and make you feel depressed. A great way to break out of this never ending loop is to go hiking with your dog.


There is a reason why dogs are known to be the best friend of a man. These obedient creatures love human beings like no other animal can. They can be your perfect accomplice on those long hikes.

Hiking and Dogs

A hike is a stress buster in itself; however, sometimes you may get bored when you are alone. In those times of boredom, a dog with its effervescent nature and bundles of energy can definitely gee you up.

1. Dog’s Buffoonery

A dog is quite intelligent for an animal; however, at times it can do things which are inherent to its nature which may make you laugh. Dogs love to dig for stuff buried in the ground and make for quite an interesting viewing as they remove dirt using their paws. On a trail, your dog will get many such opportunities and you will get some much needed rest while watching it finish its excavation.

2. Telepathic communication

The experience of being on a trail with your dog will help you understand its body language. You will be able to keenly observe all its moves and learn about its need and thought pattern. Such time spent on a hike will develop an almost telepathic understanding between you and your dog.

3. Man’s best and most loyal friend for security

There is no animal known to man who is more loyal than a dog. If you are on the trail with your family, you will enjoy watching your dog communicate in its own special way with all of them. Just remember, it is doing all that in order to make sure that everyone in your family is safe and sound. Such loyalty is worth its weight in gold.

4. Happy dog, No quirks

Dogs like open spaces and when they are on a trail they get plenty of it. Enjoy as your dog runs through the wild and feels happy like it has never felt before. Watch other fellow hikers shower their love on your dog and admire its master for its high quality breeding. Gloat in the glory of their admiration with your dog and enjoy a lovely hike.

5. Feels like Love

When you get tired and want to relax for a while, watch as your dog comes close to you and sits next to you. Feel its love as it licks your feet and give it back with a pat on its head. Enjoy those cuddly moments with your dog when you need them the most on a long and arduous hike.

A dog is a great animal to be with when you are on a hike. Feel the pleasure of the hiking experience multiply many times when you are with man’s best friend.