Apart from the escapism that books offer, there is a deep-rooted sense of motivation and inspiration that is developed when you read stories or experiences of other people. The dark winter evenings are the perfect time for letting loose your imagination by engrossing yourself in fascinating stories. And the fun doubles when these stories are of far flung places and adventurous journeys that are full of challenges.

Below is a selection of some of the most gripping and inspiring outdoor adventure books that one should read in their lifetime:

Karakoram – Climbing Through the Kashmir Conflict

Written by Steve Swenson (a well-known expedition climber), this book beautifully captures the trials and tribulations in Kashmir and the thrilling expedition of climbing the alpine in the middle of this crisis. The author puts down his own experiences of the Himalayan culture and its people. The subtle nuances in the story telling makes this book a must-read for anyone who loves first hand experiences of a place from an author.

Alone On the Wall

This book brilliantly gives a thrilling account of the death defying climbing feats by world renowned adventure athlete Alex Honnold. His quirky humour in this descriptive narrative of his free soloing (climbing without a rope) and other climbing adventures will pump you up and inspire you to go climbing. With the help of co-author David Roberts, we are able to get a peek into Alex’s mind to know what he thinks of his climbing achievements and how mountain climbing has become his way of life.

Walking the Nile

Walking the Nile tells about an all-encompassing journey of the continent of Africa, along the banks of the largest river Nile. Written by Levison Wood, who travels from Rwanda, the source of the river to up north, towards the Mediterranean coast where the river meets the sea. The journey gives an account of Levison’s endurance and resilience and the heart of humanity through political and social interactions with different North African communities. The effortless informative way of storytelling makes this book immensely engaging and inspiring.

Braving It: A Father, a Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild

James Campbell narrates an intensely involving memoir of him journeying and exploring in the Alaskan wilderness with his daughter.  His honest account of the struggles of finding a place in the wilderness and in the life of his daughter Aldan is awe-inspiring and engaging. The whole narrative has been sparkled with descriptions of the breathtaking wilds of Alaska. This is highly recommended for dads and daughters and also those who seek wildlife adventures.

My Old Man and The Mountain

Written by Lief Whittaker, this book has a narrative that will captivate your imagination. The story is a sincere account of mountaineering, challenges, family and father son relationship. Whittaker, the son of Jim Whittaker, America’s first mountaineer to summit Everest, weaves a tapestry of humour and inspiration filled mountaineering adventures that he has embarked on in his life.

It is always great to have some sort of inspiration coming into your life and what is better than reading inspiring books that open up your mind to a plethora of concepts and experiences that may get you going for what you want in life or just stimulate you to feel better about yourself.