The idea of whizzing around on four wheels may not be enticing to all. But for me and my friends, it is the time when we plan our skiing trips and head out on our excursions. Our frequent trips every year have taught us many lessons.

Trudging through a tough snow covered road is quite an arduous task which requires patience and the right preparation. As our SUV makes way through a dicey pathway, it takes a heavy beating from falling pellets of sleet. The experience is not nice but at the back of our minds, we know that we will ultimately reach our destination as we are armed with the right items. Someone who does not go out often during this time may not have the knowledge to counter the elements. The good news is that if you are not an outgoing individual, you can neutralise the difficulties on your journey by preparing right like yours truly. So sit back, relax and read on. I assure you that your confidence for taking on the elements will multiply after learning about our tried and tested methods.

1. Don’t stay hungry

You need to make sure that you have packed ample food supplies in your car before heading out. Hunger leads to moodiness, which in turn leads to disagreements. The driver needs to be alert and preferably in a good mood to dodge all of the challenges for the sake of everyone on board. Stack up on your favourite food items and be ready for any adverse situation or a traffic jam on your expedition.

2. Essentials and Sundries

There are certain items which are indispensable when you are on a snowy adventure. Make sure that you grab hold of your first aid kit, fire starter, multi-tool, map, compass, sunscreen, warm layers, headlamp, batteries and favourite emergency shelter. All of these items are essential for a journey in tough conditions. You need to be prepared for the possibility of a breakdown or road blockage which may require you to hunker down and wait for a long period of time.

3. Stock up on fuel

Always keep your tank full before heading out on your journey. If possible, take a canister full of fuel with you, so that you are ready for a longer route, in case you have to take a detour due to a road blockage. Extra fuel will also help in keeping the heater on for longer. These extra heating hours will let you stay warmer for a longer duration, especially when you are stuck in a jam.

4. Cat Litter

Carrying Kitty Litter with you may sound disgusting at first, but it will save you and your fellow drivers a lot of time while treading through a hazardous snow covered terrain. Just sprinkle some on the road and add friction to the road for a secure grip. The added traction will give you the peace of mind and the blessings of the drivers trailing you.

5. Bottle for urine collection

It is no secret that the cold weather frequently induces the urge to pee. What if there is an option that lets you relieve yourself without leaving the comfort of your car? A pee collection bottle kept with you on your journey will go a long way in making your excursion pleasant. Make sure that you label it in bright and bold letters to avoid any salty experience (pun intended).