Becoming a better climber isn’t easy, but with a combination of commitment, effort and the help of others, you will. Check out our top tips!

MBT-Climbing1. Climb With Better Climbers

When you climb with people who are better than yourself, you can watch and learn them. Often, the better climbers are the more experienced ones, the ones who have tried – and failed – and have developed a technique that is effective. Learning from them can help you to improve, they may also be happy to help you and provide advice with their own top tips!

2. Take Responsibility

Climbing with people who are maybe not at the same level of yourself can also help you to improve – but in a different way. Instead of following a specific route or using a certain technique, being the one put in charge of organising and planning the climb can add the extra pressure which is often needed to push yourself that little bit further.

3. Warm Up & Rest To Avoid Injury

Just as you do with other physical exercises, taking time before you begin to stretch and warm up can help to protect you from sustaining injury. It’s very common among climbers for parts of their arms and hands to ache and become sore. If you do feel this, it’s best to take this as a precaution not to push yourself too much more as you’ll risk injuring yourself further. Taking a small time out is much better than not being able to climb at all for a while!

4. Get A Climbing Partner

Who you climb with can have a big impact on your enjoyment – which will affect how much, and how quickly, you improve. If you enjoy climbing with a certain person, someone who’s encouraging and helpful, then you’re more likely to go consistently which will aid your improvement. Having a positive mindset can go a long way!

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