If you are constantly training in ways that challenge your body and also help you carry on with your day, it sounds brilliant. I guess the first important thing about working out is that it should be productive. But, many people make the mistake of repeating the same sets of exercises in the same motion. We all want results but sometimes, it may be futile to work out, especially if the results don't show any difference in you. 


But, is there even a sure way to tell that you have worked hard enough? Of course, not every session is meant to make you feel like every cell in your body is running out of breath (exaggeration implied), but some significant signs can tell you when your workout has stopped working for you and when it's time to level up.

So, let's know the signs that your body gives you when it's time to change your workout routine.

  1. Lower heart rate

One of the best indicators of a good workout could be your heart rate. It can easily tell if what you are doing is working out or not. If a run on the treadmill has had you running at 170 initially but now it barely touches 160s, it says it's the time to move on to the next level of workout routine.

  1. Working out but no progress

If your goal to work out is related to building up an aesthetic in a sustainable manner, tracking your progress can be quite easy. A few inches here and changes in your body measurements along with pictures that show vital changes, or even how your clothes fit your body. However, if everything is staying the same for a decent amount of time even though you are trying to change it, it could mean that it's time to change your workout.

  1. No soreness, no goodness

A good workout routine is bound to leave your muscles aching and sore. Some people think they haven't worked out enough if they can't feel the soreness in their muscles the next day. The soreness, of course, decreases as you pass more time working out. However, if you are not sore at all in any of your workouts, it means it's time to take the level up a notch.


  1. Easy isn't the best way

Remember how in the beginning you could barely complete a set but now you can finish the reps at a go without losing your form? That's when you know that your body is asking for more. You need to work your body harder once it builds up the endurance for a certain amount of workouts. If you are not facing any challenges while working out, it surely means that your body seeks to have more challenges.

However, before you jump to any conclusions, please understand that your intensity of working out and how much your progress is subjective. Two people can be following the same routine for the same amount of time and face different results. Our bodies are unique in their way. They have their demands and metabolism or other such requirements which affect the progress rate.