When the temperature drops, so do all the motivation. The Christmas and New Year Celebrations, snowy weather, lightings all around, followed by the delicious homemade finger food, cakes, and pies, all start to get together and pull you down to the warm blankets. Sounds familiar?

It’s very common to experience a dip in motivation every now and then and that becomes a little more too in wintery weather. I mean who wants to get out of the bed when it’s all cosy and comfortable. Right? But don’t worry as we have brought 4 different ways in which you can keep your head up and motivation high to keep your health on track.

Set Simple Goals

No, we are not trying to pull you up and make you run like 20 miles each day. When it comes to improving well-being, setting up a realistic goal is what you need instead of thinking something unachievable, which can turn out to be demotivating. If you understand what importance your health has in your life, a simple walk down the hill does the work. Set goals that are easy to stick to. Take stairs instead of lifts or escalators at metro stations, skip the bus for those two stops and take a walk to your home. Isn’t it easy and exciting? We know that it seems a bit too easy, but it surely will only take you so far.

Fall down and get back stronger!

It is natural to plan then to fail. But what you need to exercise is to get up again once you fail. Once you have set a goal, at one time or another, you tend to lose the track and that’s when you have to take a detour to the road of success. If you don’t know how to do it, you can consult a nutritionist or a gym trainer to stay much more motivated. Keep going towards your goal even if you miss a day or so. Start visualizing things and start noticing small wins that motivate you to come back next week much stronger than before.


Couple Up

Sometimes the packed gym bag, protein shake, a yoga mat is not enough to keep you on track. And in these cases, phone a friend. As a basic instinct of a human being, we tend to stick to the plans when someone else is involved in it. When you are only accountable to yourself, it is quite easy to cancel the gym routine, or finding ways to eat out so that you don’t have to get back to those salads. Don’t do that and stick to your plans with your best buddy in it.

Switch It Up

Monotony in anything can get tiresome after some time. Try to mould your routines from time to time by adding new activities to it. If you start to feel bored going to the gym, switch to the karate classes, or yoga sessions, or any physical activity that you like such as dancing or aerobics, etc. Learn new recipes and add them to your meal plan to ditch that typical lunch or dinner you are having for months or years.


Let’s face it – Motivation isn’t easy! But if you plan to stick to it, you are not far away from reaching your ultimate goal. Start from baby steps and who knows where you stop. This winter season, get your family and friends along to enjoy more than just the cakes or pies stocked up in the fridge.