Are you eager to paddle in the ocean? Out of many water activities, kayaking is the most convenient water activity. Here are a few tips and hacks that can make your kayaking trip safe and joyful.

  1. Keep Yourself Protected from the Sun’s Rays

When you go for kayaking, your skin is exposed to the sun and the sun’s rays can make your skin tanned. Therefore, it is suggested to keep yourself protected by using a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and a proper layer of clothing like a multi-functional buff that can be used as a neckerchief, face mask, headband and more.

  1. Keep the Little Things Secured from Getting Wet

It can be difficult to remember where you have kept all the items that you’ll need at regular intervals while kayaking. You must ensure that all your little items such as your lip guard, sunscreen, and snack bag are protected. To keep them secured from getting wet and close to you, you can use the hook-and-loop tape squares on which you can stick them. The best way to use it is, attach the loop to the inner roof of the kayak and hook at the side.

  1. Make Your Legs Feel Comfortable

There is not much space in the kayaks for proper movement of your legs. This can make your legs fall asleep and uncomfortable. To ensure the comfort of your legs, use a foam pad or a cushion. Keep it under your heels as this can prevent bruising.

  1. Secure the Paddles for an Interval

The kayaking does not mean continuous paddling. Sometimes you are eating snacks, resting or fishing. In this situation, you need to secure the paddles so that you can enjoy the break. You have to tie a string on the edge of the cockpit and secure the paddles using two hook-and-loop straps on one side at the distance of 4 inches.

  1. Access Your Storage Bag

A kayak can hold a large amount of gear. On the front side, there is space to keep a storage bag, but accessing it can be challenging. You need to follow this hack to make this task simple. Tie a cord to the bag that you have loaded in first and pull the cord to take the bag out of the kayak.

  1. Floating Refrigerator

Many people have the misconception that fresh fruits and vegetables are only accessible by caravan campers. During kayaking, you can also enjoy a fresh fruit salad as the cold water of the ocean keeps the perishable food refrigerated. Store the food in a bag and keep it in the bottom of your kayak.

  1. DIY Handles

When you are done with kayaking and plan to camp, you need to take your boat off the water. This can be difficult as the boat becomes heavy due to the gear. So, make the haul handles yourself using PVC straps. Ask your friends to help pull it out of the water.

  1. Keep the Kayak Secured off the Shore

It is necessary to keep your kayak secured offshore. So, make sure to clip them properly using a cord and a carabiner. Tie one end of the cord with the kayak and roll it around a log and secure with a carabiner. Make sure to avoid the rock bottom to prevent it from slipping as the rock can damage the kayak’s bottom.

  1. Laundry Is A Must

Make sure to keep your clothes clean as the sweat and sunscreen may produce unpleasant odours. Carry a biodegradable soap and a dry bag.

Follow these tips and hacks to make your kayaking trip simple, safe and joyful.