Yes, I love going Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or walking during winter. Despite my love for these adventures, I admit the biggest challenge is definitely staying toasty and warm while wading away from the wind, to not overheat as well as to stay dry and fresh from constant perspiration of the body. Protect those frosty fingers by resting in the glory of the sun, because the following tips I have shared from my experiences are going to be fruitful in keeping you warm, refreshed and active.

1. Move your Body

Besides clothes that slightly block heat, only our body keeps us warm. The best way to rewarm your body in the freezing cold is to increase your pace. Watch others in your group for signs that they're feeling cold, especially any children, who can get cold much more quickly than adults. When you enjoy a short break, make sure that you maintain your body heat.

2. Keep up the Pace

Reducing perspiration during extreme cold is crucial to staying warm. Damp clothing is a bad conductor of heat that keeps it away from your body. I prefer keeping a neutral pace to just maintain sufficient heat in my body without overheating it and causing sweating. Just in case you cannot afford to slow down and need to continue your swift pace despite unavoidable perspiration, then an energetic climb toward the top will help in drying up your base layers. Remember, the pace should suffice to keep your body temperatures heated enough to stop sweating as well as cooling off.

3. Adjustment of Layers

Some of the time, during exhaustive exercises such as Nordic Skiing or running, perspiration is unavoidable nor can you change any layers of clothing. Let’s take an instance where there is no wind and you are exerting yourself more: a breathable fleece will act as your protection layer over a wicking base layer that dries quickly. A wind-proof and waterproof fleece comes in handy whether there is a harsh wind, in motion or against the motion of your body.

4. Fuel your Taste Buds

Fuel your taste buds because they fuel the body furnace that keeps you warm when temperatures drop lower. I always pack high-fat snacks like all types of nuts and chocolates, since fat has a tendency to burn slowly and that aids in keeping the body warm for a longer period during the cold.

5. Drink More

The body has a tendency to dehydrate even quicker during winters, irrespective of lack of perspiration. We might not realize it, but our body needs lots of water to stay hydrated, so you can try my strategy. Every time I’m snowboarding or climbing in the cold, I bring along a thermos with hot water mixed with sugar and a dash of butter for added flavour and fat.

6. Mittens and Gloves for Warmth

If you are a person who is fragile skinned, whose skin gets cold and blue easily, then you should carry two pairs of gloves and mittens to keep your frosty hands toasty. Keep the second pair in your jacket pockets. If your fingers have become too cold, rub your fingers against the pants pockets in the thighs or rub against your tummy. Once the blood flow is back to your hands, then replace the pair of cold gloves with the warm ones and place the cold gloves in your pockets.

7. Beanies and Hats

Talking of warmth, how can we forget covering our heads with stylish and super-warm beanies and hats - I always carry these with me.

8. Dress Warm to beat the Cold

There are quick breaks and then there are long breaks. For the latter, make sure you are swathed in a fat down jacket or synthetic-insulation jacket in an instant to stay toasty and avoid cooling off. Keep it back in the bag once you start forging ahead again.

9. Warm up on your Back

Remember the rocks, logs and the ground are natural things that will absorb the cold from your body through thermal conduction as they are frosty during winters. Simply, lay your back on the chilled ground to sit on it and warm up.

10. Sun Shines in Glory

Just like the soothing shadow of a huge fruitful tree provides us relief from the scorching heat, seek solace in the glory of the sun to absorb its generous rays of warmth and Vitamin D in your freezing cold body. Make sure you put your back against the wind or sit on a spot which is devoid of wind.