Pack Your Bags for A Multi-Day Hiking Trip

Hiking is fun but backpacking sometimes takes a toll on you as there are so many things to pack and remember. It is important to learn the right way of backpacking and distribute the weight so that you can enjoy your hiking instead of feeling uncomfortable and in pain. Organising the backpack is easy but time-consuming which is why it is important to create a strategy that works out for you. There are some tips  and practices that you should try on your next trip.

Follow these simple tricks on how to pack your bags for a multi-day hike so that you do not have to feel burdened while you are trying to soak in all nature has to offer.

Create a Checklist – Reduce the weight of your backpack by developing an efficient strategy for the packing process. Before you stuff all this into a backpack, go through the checklist one last time and make sure that there is nothing left behind. Organise your backpack essentials into piles to make sure you don’t forget anything:

  • Chang of Clothes
  • Basic stuff for daytime
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • Food and water
  • Cooking equipment

Pack Efficiently – The first thing you need to do is pack the bottom line first. Balance this load by keeping your heavy essentials in the middle. Make sure that the most essentials things are stashed on top. If you pack essentials like this, you will be able to grab things quickly without having to dig deep down into your bag.

Here is what I think should be the basic structure for packing for any hiking trip:

  • Things that always stay at the bottom of every backpacker –

This is the gear that you will not need until you get to your camp. This includes things like your sleeping bag and pad, cosy pillow and loose clothes.

  • Things that always stay in the middle of every backpacker –

As discussed above, these things are heavyweight and help in evening the distribution of weight in the backpack. The heavyweight goods include shoes, kitchen equipment, toiletries, and food.

  • Things that always stay at the top of every backpacker –

These are the most essential gear that you would want to keep handy so that you can save time and effort. These things include first aid, bathroom kit, water, gadgets, and a raincoat.

Use the Compression Straps – Compression straps on the bag help keep your pack stable and adjusts the weight when required. It is very important to double check the straps as in case they are loose as it can lead to uncomfortable situations and even injury.

Stay Hydrated – If you are day hiking on a long trail it is impossible to go without having water at regular intervals. You should always carry bottles of water with you that are not too heavy and can be adjusted in the side pockets of your backpack.

Whether you are new to the backpacking or experienced follow the above tips. You would feel more comfortable on your next hiking trip.


Mike has a real passion for cycling, hiking and just generally being outdoors. Being from Warrington, he is only a few hours away from North Wales, The Peak District, Yorkshire and the Lake District. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and done a lot of the mountains in the Lake District. His new passion is walking his dog and enjoying a pint at the end.

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