Outdoor Jobs That Pay Well

If you are someone who loves to work outdoors and are looking for an outdoor job with great prospects, you would not be disappointed. There are many jobs that actually fulfil both these conditions.

How Does It Feel to Have an Outdoor Job That Pays Well?

The benefits of having an outdoor job are immeasurable. You will meet new people and travel to all kinds of places.  Before you start finding an outdoor job, you need to answer some basic questions like, “What is the purpose of finding an outdoor job?” “What are the risks attached to the job?” “What is the duration of the job?” “Are you fine with working long hours?”

Outdoor jobs that pay well are typically those that are offered by well-known companies. Some may be physical in nature and some you may need specialist training for. The specialist jobs will require specialist training and certification before you apply. You may need to factor the costs of the courses required before deciding if the job is right for you. The more training you have the more likely you are to be successful in applying for a well paid position.

Some of the outdoor jobs which pay well are as follows:


Firefighters don’t start with a high salary but once training has been completed and you have gained experience in the field your salary will go up.

Well paid positions you can apply for are:

  • Crew manager
  • Station manager
  • Watch manager

Oil Rig Workers

If you are looking for a high-paying job, consider the oil rig profession. To stay local you can work of the UK's North Sea rig. There are rigs all over the world so if you wish to you can relocate to one in Australia.

Job roles to consider are include

  • Wielding
  • Deckhands
  • Painting
  • Catering
  • Safety officer
  • Crane operators

Athletes and Coaches

Being an athlete or a coach can be a great outdoor job. Becoming a part of community football centres will give you ample opportunities to earn well. The pay will also depend on the reputation of the player as well as the type of club they are associated with. If you are passionate about games, you can also be a coach.

Apart from these jobs, following are the jobs which you can explore:

  • Stunt person
  • Geologist
  • Sports engineer
  • Events manager
  • Engineering and land surveyor
  • Personal trainers


A keen runner, skier and nuts about cycling. Karl lives in Cumbria, where he loves encouraging his two children to follow in his outdoor lifestyle. Whilst out and about keeping active, Karl keeps a diary and shares it with Outdoor Look.

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