Our range of ladies winter boots!

Our range of ladies winter boots contains more than seventy different styles. The primary purpose of a pair of winter boots is to keep your feet (and sometimes your ankles too) dry as well as warm – so let’s find out if some of our best-selling pairs fit that criteria.

To compare, we’ll use the current top seller from three of our most popular brands: Columbia, Helly Hansen and Merrell.

The Columbia ‘Minx Mid II’ is currently our best-selling winter boot, which with it being tall, helps to protect your lower leg as well as your feet. The pair include an upper which is offered in the materials of nylon, twill and nylon with a tweed collar. The main body is created with a waterproof woven synthetic textile along with a faux fur collar and tongue lining.

As well as using a waterproof material, they also have an Omni-TECH waterproof and breathable seam-sealed membrane bootie construction as well as 200g insulation – which means that this particular pair fulfil all of the basic criteria.


The ‘Harriet’ winter boots from Helly Hansen are not as tall as the Columbia boot, but they are tall enough to cover your ankles too. This pair also uses faux fur, but is instead lined with it as opposed to it being used on the collar. The ‘Harriet’ boots also have a protective rubber cupsole, a removable EVA comfort footbed as well as Helly grip rubber – with the added bonus of being lightweight!

The Merrell ‘Decora’ boots are similar to the Columbia ‘Minx Mid II’, as they are both tall and share some similar features. These boots are made from waterproof full grain and pig suede leather, and again features a faux fur collar as well as a bellows tongue, which is included to keep debris out. As well as being waterproof, they are also lightweight and insulated – which along with an inside zipper to help you easily take them on and off – makes this a very effective option.

Our complete range of winter boots, as well as all of our other footwear options are available now on our website, at low prices! Orders over the cost of £50 receive free shipping. If you have any questions, please do leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter!


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