Make your way along the Gritstone Trail

If you love to go trekking or long walks in the midst of lush greenery and natural beauty, the Gritstone trail will appeal to you. This trail from start to finish through lush Cheshire countryside will take on average 3 days. I had been there recently and found it to be one of the best trails I have ever tried and got to experience some of the finest locations in Cheshire. Though there are some challenging routes that stretch through Disley to Kidsgrove there are smooth ridge walks that allow you to explore breath-taking vistas over the Cheshire plain.

The entire route is well-marked and none of the climbs are more than 450 meters high. Here, I am going to tell you about my final day that gifted me with some of the best views and experiences. After completing 2 days full of challenges, and scenic views, I had finally cleared Bosley.

To make it easy-to-understand how it all started, let me tell you about the whole trail in a brief.

The Gritstone Trail is a long-distance path in England that is divided into 3 stages. The first stage starts from Disley to Tegg’s Nose, which was 17km long. Then the second started from Tegg’s Nose and ended up in Timbersbrook, which was 25 km and from there you can have a close look at Gritstone’s scenic vistas. And then the final stage came from Timbersbrook to Kidsgrove.

Walking from the Disley station and ending up the second day at the sleepy village of Timbersbrook, I was really excited about the final day. After all, the most awaited Gritstone trail was just a few stations away.

After exploring the beautiful and enchanting Timbersbrook, my next stop was Congleton Edge that was a mesmerizing walk along the tops. The moment you climb up Congleton Edge, it is nothing but high grounds all the way to your next station.

Next, I began walking to the Old Man of Mow that was at the Southern end of Congleton Edge. The fun fact about this pillar is that only this Gritstone pillar was left standing when all other surrounding stones were quarried away.

Have some more patience because you’re only a few hours from your final destination.

Make your way towards the ‘almost’ final destination that follows the Macclesfield Canal, past Scholar Green and Red Bull, and then into the Kidsgrove you were waiting from day 1.

Hey! Here comes your final stop, Kidsgrove. If you have some extra time I would recommend checking out the beauty of the Harecastle Tunnel, which is located south to the town. The best part about the place is that the iron-rich spring water out there turns the canal a bright and vibrant orange. You can even spend a night there and head home the next morning.

So, this was everything you need to know about the Gritstone trail walk. All I would say is just give this outstanding trail a go as you will experience the natural beauty of Cheshire.

Happy Trailing!


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