Make Sure of Managing Your Waste While You Go Car Camping

If you are going for car camping, then you must be super-excited for the journey, but you should take care of managing the wastes. You should seek sustainable ways so that you can reduce your wastes in an effective manner. Some of the points to consider while dealing with wastes are as follows:

Reduce personal items waste: Toiletries seem to take a back seat when it comes to making a checklist for camping trips. It is important to ensure that the items bought can be used and taken home for further use. Instead of hand wipes why not bring along a refillable hand sanitiser bottle to your trip, you will benefit from more uses and no waste wipes to dispose of.

Bring what food you can with you: It will help you to reduce your waste. You should aim for zero-waste camping, but you should try for it in a way that you do not compromise with your diet. All the backpackers should keep this thing in mind that you should carry lightweight and handy stuff.

Bring reusable containers: Bring a large reusable water bottle with you rather than carrying different bottles for varied purposes like cooking, drinking, cleaning and washing. Also bring reusable food containers and wash them between uses. This ties in with bringing food from home as you will not be throwing out multiple food packets.

Try and bring along reusable kitchen equipment: A lot of people think it is a good idea to bring along disposable bbq's, cutlery and plates/bowls when camping as it will help reduce what they will need to take home with them. Instead of wasting your money on this, we advise bringing along items from home which can be washed/reused and taken home for further use. This will help reduce waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Leave it as you found it: Please ensure that you leave the campsite as you find it. It is a common fact that no one wants to go camping and find the location untidy and full of waste items. Do not leave your rubbish for someone else to clean up as 9/10 this will be the next campers to use the spot. If there are no nearby bins, take the trash with you and dispose of accordingly when you get home. Leave no trace that you have visited when you leave.


Please take these points into account when considering car camping.


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