Let’s escape the chaotic day and try one of these top coastal walks in the UK

What kind of pictures start running in your mind the moment you hear the term “Coastal Walk”? For some it would be the bracing sea breeze, some would go there because they love walking on sand, while some would go there for peace of mind. There are plenty of good reasons why people love coastal walks as it allows people to cheer-up their mood and relax.

No, talking about the UK’s coastal walks, the country has some really mesmerising coastal paths that are accompanied by beautiful and eye-catching cliffs and many times loads of wildlife as well. So, after exploring and gaining experience of walking through these spectacular walks, I’ve put together the best of coastal walks in the UK. Have a look and I hope that it might help you out a little.

Want to go to Pembrokeshire Coast Path?

First on the list is the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. This is one of the options you would love to visit again-and-again. The 186-mile long path starts from Amroth along the Western Coastline of Wales and ends up to St. Dogmaels.

With every new day, this coast path allows you to see new and interesting vistas and a walk along some great and mesmerising beaches. Oh! Did I mention the UK’s smallest city St. David? You need to go there and appreciate its Cathedral and art galleries.

Wait… Isle of Wight Coast Path is Here

Next on the list the Isle of Wight Coast Path where more than half of the island is home to natural beauty. This 67-mile path is an absolute delight with really stunning and outstanding paths, with humble and friendly locals who allow you to learn about their lifestyle. Though it depends on where you’re coming from, you can easily reach the Portsmouth by hovercraft in just 10 minutes. Talking about the speciality of this place is the town of Shanklin. This town is the perfect blend of leisure and seaside cafes at the beach and a peaceful old town up the hill.

Fife Coastal Path it is.

The third best choice definitely has to be the Scottish Fife Coastal Path. This beautiful 81-mile walk starts from the Forth Road Bridge that resides just outside Edinburgh and ends up to the Tay Road Bridge that lies just outside Dundee. If you’re going for this option, you’ll get to experience refreshing walks along the beaches, catch a stunning view of castles on the way, and the amazing town of St. Andrews.

This coastal path is simply the perfect option for those who crave for an all-round walk. Also, there, don’t forget to try the top-notch fish, chops, fresh seafood, and lobster. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Walk Out to South West Coast Path

Another place on my list is the enchanting and wonderful South West Coast Path. The 630-mile national trail will ask you to start from Minehead in Somerset and then round to Poole in Dorset. Coming to some of the few beautiful sections that this trip allowed me to explore was simply out of the world. I started out from St. Ives and ended up in Par including the mesmerising Eden Project.

No doubt this very coastal path is a great and smooth walk through but there are some sections that might throw challenges at you. But what is still the best part about these tougher cliffs are the scenic vistas that compensate for all the efforts you put. Also, you can explore the quaint little seaside towns and enjoy having fish, chips, or ice-cream for the hot day.

What about Arran Coastal Way?

Arran Coastal Way, the 62-mile long path is often described as mini Scotland. There are many different sections present that can be explored in either part or in a go. A trip to Arran Coastal Way can even be a great pick for your next weekend getaway. Also, the best part about being to this amazing coastal path is the beautiful hand-crafted things available there.

You can buy yourself anything from jewellery to cosmetics, furniture, and cheese. Just grab whatever things you love the most. Don’t forget about the ice-cream. So, no matter what kind of weather it is, Arran Coastal Way is always ready to welcome you.

So, these were some of the best Coastal paths I would love to suggest for an excellent coastal adventure. What are you waiting for? Just tie your shoelace, grab your bags, and head towards the one you love the most.


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