Key places to consider during a hiking trip

Create a checklist, pack your bags, and head to the finest destinations of Europe where you can just take in what nature has to offer. Hiking is a hobby for some, but for some people it is a passion. Either way, Europe is one place where you should hike once in your lifetime. Here are a few countries of this amazing continent that should be a part of your hiking trip.

Adventurous and Picturesque Portugal – With captivating coasts and breath-taking cities, this country is a must visit. It not only takes you through the beautiful places but also makes for adventurous hiking destinationtions. It brings to you scenic view of the coasts and mountains. Look for the hidden places and experience the inexperienced. This country is for the hiker lovers and enthusiasts who love to travel.

Pilgrimage in Spain – Have you ever thought of option for a spiritual path when it comes to hiking? If not, then it is time to give it a try. Camino De Santiago is a beautiful location that connects you to different pilgrim routes. Here, the most popular route that you plan your hike in, is Camino Frances. Trekking here is not a tough job as for most of the parts, the road is flat. But since it is a pilgrim hike, some of you might find yourselves walking for 10 to 30 days. This long journey might seem tiring at start, but once you keep going with the fellow hikers, it becomes an enjoyable journey.

Villages of Black Forest – Germany is beautiful but for hikers, what’s more captivating is the Black Forest. Believe it or not, most of the people say that hiking was actually invented here. Not including this country in your hiking trail would be missing out on so much. This 177 miles long trail connects you to many small villages. This also makes accommodation and food situation easy for you.

Mountains of Croatia – Here you would experience one of the best hiking journeys of your life. With a view of  attractive mountain ranges and grizzled peaks. Hike to high altitudes and reach the tallest peaks where you can see irregular trails. While hiking, don’t miss out on the best places this country has to propose. Check out the Paklenica, Risnjak National Park, Northern Velebit, and Učka Mountain. These places are fascinating and should not be missed, even if it means extending your hike.

Hot Springs of Iceland – Start the hike with something that you would never forget. Travel 45 kms away from the Iceland’s capital Reykjavík and you would reach Reykjadalur Valley. Also known as Steam Valley, is full of mud pools and hot springs and a hot river so that you can take a bath! Just looking at the view from this valley would make you feel weak in the knees.


Apart from the above countries, there are many more to be discovered. Europe is filled with gorgeous locations for the hikers. Places like Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Georgia, and The Balkans are the countries that provide you with a memorable view and experience.


A keen runner, skier and nuts about cycling. Karl lives in Cumbria, where he loves encouraging his two children to follow in his outdoor lifestyle. Whilst out and about keeping active, Karl keeps a diary and shares it with Outdoor Look.

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