Keep your kids warm this winter with our Jack Wolfskin clothing range!

Inside our range of Jack Wolfskin kids clothing we have everything that you need to encourage your child to keep warm and active this winter – whatever the weather!

As we all well know, the winter months can often bring a lot of rain, so you need to ensure that your child is completely protected from whatever the weather decides to throw down upon us all. Luckily, we have two different Jack Wolfskin jackets which will help to shield your children from the rain – the ‘Crosswind’ and the ‘Wintertime’ jackets.

The ‘Crosswind’ is available in either night blue or Moroccan blue and it is water repellent, windproof, breathable, ultra-lightweight and extremely warm – thanks to its use of microguard synthetic insulation. The jacket has two standard side pockets and can be zipped into a shell jacket. The ‘Wintertime’ jacket however, is completely waterproof and is insulated with a warm polyester fill; as well as having a hood which you can adjust the size of and the field of vision. Just like the ‘Crosswind’, the jacket is also windproof and breathable (Texapore 2L), with two side pockets.


To be combined with one of the jackets or to be simply worn on its own, the ‘Gecko Nano Half Zip Fleece’ is available in either black, yellow or beech green. This fleece has a special lining for Active Moisture Management and is lightweight, combining to create a very effective mid layer that retains heat excellently.

As part of our range of Jack Wolfskin products for kids, we also have a selection of accessories that will help your child to remain warm this winter. To help shield your child from the cold, we have four beanies, two headbands and a balaclava if you’re wanting to protect the face as well! All of these provide everything that you should want – they’re soft, lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly, they keep the wearers head warm!

To help protect your hands and feet, we offer a pair of pair of gloves that are made from a NANUK 200-quality fleece and SUEDE PU which combine to keep your hands warm, as well as two pair of socks. The casual organic socks are available in either beech green or mallow purple, and are made from organic cotton which is stretchy – allowing a better fit!


The last thing that your child needs before you all venture out is a backpack to carry any items that you can’t fit into your pockets! We have two different variants of backpacks for kids – the ‘Buttercup’ and the ‘Little Joe’. Both have a suspension system featuring wide straps to help evenly distribute the weight, a name tag, as well as a chest strap with a child-friendly fastener. Additionally, they both include two mesh side pouches but it’s the ‘Buttercup’ that has a main compartment with an inside pocket and a front compartment with a small inside pocket, whilst the ‘Little Joe’ has a main compartment as well as a large front compartment.

Our complete range of Jack Wolfskin clothing for kids is available to buy on our website now, just in time for winter! Orders over the cost of £50 receive free shipping. If you have any questions, please do leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter!


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