Interesting Career Options for Great Adventure Lovers

America is full of adventure-loving youth. I, myself am that person who loves going outdoors and take hikes or walk on famous trails whenever I get time. The country is full of amazing adventure and scenic beauty yet to be explored. There has been a considerable increase in the number of young hikers and campers in America in the last decade. People are taking an interest in going for hikes and walking famous trails with their friends and family. If you are also one of those people who like to go on hikes and backpacking to relieve your stress, then you should consider these great career opportunities for outdoor lovers, which wont let you compromise with your adventurous side.

Go for Business that are Location-independent

  1. Setting up online businesses or location-independent businesses opens up great opportunity for you to do whatever you want and from wherever you want. You can even start virtual businesses online, an example of this is a freelance web designer.

    Find Interesting Jobs for the Field

  1. To stay close to the outdoors so that you can realise your love for hiking and backpacking activities, you can consider a job as a guide for summer camps, national park camps or you can even work with a non-profit organisation that organises group camps, hikes etc. The activities of a camp instructor might just involve all or some of your favourites, camping, hiking, exploring, following and explaining safety procedures to the campers, etc.

    Other options available for the field include a wide array of options, ranging from being a recreation leader to working as a park ranger to managing a resort in the location of your choice, these might include being a white-water rafting instructor, a marine biologist, a ski instructor or even a wildlife photographer, if you like photography and travelling.

Take a Break from Office and Work Remotely

  1. The use of Internet and technology has opened up many interesting opportunities for job seekers. This lets you work remotely from another location of your choice. You can still earn as much as you would in your regular office job. You will find plenty of career opportunities as a software developer, systems engineer, user experience researcher, and others, which allow their employees to work remotely from other location, so you can easily take a trip or a vacation whenever you feel like it.

There’s a lot to be explored, not only around the city or the country, but the real adventure lies in seeking the best career options to get ahead in life while enjoying to the fullest.


Cornishman and lover of adventures in the great wilderness, Mike has been writing on his website Wild Tide for three years. Jack of all outdoor pursuits (and master of none), he writes about everything he loves including: kayaking, camping, fishing, snorkelling, climbing, mountain scrambling, surfing, SUP, outdoor cooking, hiking, cycling, coastal living and his VW van. As a total gear junkie and technical clothing lover, Mike is excited and proud to write for Outdoor Look as well as Wild Tide.

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