Important Items for Hiking in Wet Weather

Everyone expects a clear sunny weather when planning an outdoor getaway. However, you won’t always be lucky enough to get clear whether while camping outdoors or hiking. There are times when it will rain but if you are prepared for it then wet weather won’t stop you from exploration. Here is the list of items you should have on a hiking or camping trip for tackling the wet weather.

Waterproof Backpack Cover

When it's raining, the biggest concern is that you need the items in your backpack to remain dry. A waterproof backpack cover will your backpack and keep it dry in wet weather. The backpack cover works like a raincoat for your backpack. There are backpacks in the market that come with waterproof covers but if you don’t have a cover for your backpack then get one before heading out in rainy weather. If you want extra protection for your backpack then pack it in an extra rain jacket for protection.

Rain Jacket Of High Quality

This is a no brainer as a high-quality rain jacket is necessary for giving your upper body protection form the rain. Rain jacket generally won't require much space and thus is easy to pack in the backpack. Carry a seam-sealed and waterproof jacket with extra protection over the seams and zippers to stop water from seeping into the jacket. The jacket should be breathable so that sweat produced by the body dries easily.

Dry Bags for Important Items

Waterproof dry bags are generally used to store important items during water sports like river rafting, kayaking, etc. These bags come handy to store important items that you don’t carry in the backpack. The bags give protection to the valuable stuff during the rainy weather. Electronic items and stuff that you need immediate access to should be kept in dry bags for protection.

Trash Bags for Keeping Things Dry

A trash bag can prove to be a handy tool for keeping things dry. The bags are easily available at low prices and can slip into your backpack easily. The bags can act as makeshift shelter and can also be used to separate dry items from the wet items. This simple item can go a long way in saving your essentials during a day in wet weather.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Feet need special care during the rainy weather as they endure the muddy trail and excess rainy water on the way. Wet feet can develop blisters and if they get cold due to the blowing wind then it could lead to cold. Keep your feet comfortable and safe from water during the rainy season wearing the waterproof hiking boots. They won’t let water penetrate and thus, keep your feet safe from water.

With these items in your bags, you can easily go out during the rainy season and enjoy the experience of exploring outdoors.


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