How To Enjoy Hiking With Your Little Ones

Hiking is one such adventure sport which we all enjoy. It is a way through which we get past the monotonous way of living our life. But hiking with little ones can be a not-so-good experience. We have to be extra cautious in order to meet their demands while we plan to take them with us. If the little one is a toddler, then we need to care about their nappies, dummies, bottles, wipes, feeds etc.

If the little one grows and start walking on their own, they will start shooting their questions like “Have we reached yet?” or “In how many hours will we reach the place?”. These questions can often blow your mind if you are running out of patience.

Are You Bothered by the New Changes?

If you are someone who had the habit of going for outdoor activities and now has kids, then this question needs no answer. But there are many parents who start their outdoor spree in pursuit of avoiding the kid’s obesity crisis.

Getting kids outside of their school is beneficial to reignite the spirit of life and make them closer to nature.

Start them young and they will want to continue. If you have an infant who is having trouble  sleeping, then going on a days hike, may wear them out and get them to sleep better at night.

Hiking with Babies

At this stage of your little ones, it will be the easiest to carry them.

This may be a shocking line to the parents of young ones, but it has a justified explanation. You only need to buy a child-carrier back pack. With that, you can easily travel to greater distances. All you need to do is dress your little ones appropriately.

Hiking with Toddlers

With small toddlers, you can still use child carrier back packs but as they grow, their weight will become noticeable.

At this stage, it becomes important about carrying them in manageable chunks between locations, and then stopping for locations to explore to keep them entertained.

Hiking with Young Children

Make sure you travel at their pace. Have plenty of stops and don’t force them to take a stop because they may not start so easily. Pick a route that is interesting for them. Have snacks at proper intervals of time. Also, try distraction techniques which will keep the track interesting.


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