Handy essentials for a backpacker

Adventure sport is one of the greatest ways of being close to nature along with exploring one’s adventurous side. But a hiker, backpacker, or camper needs to make sure that they are carrying all the things necessary to keep them going.

Here is a list of the most important things you need to keep handy before going for a hike–

First Aid – Safety is the most important thing so make sure you do not compromise it. Keep your first-aid kit handy so that in case of any trouble you have a solution. Your safety kit should include painkillers, creams, wet wipes, bandages, eye drops, blister pads, and dressing tapes for wound.

GPS – To make sure you do not get lost on the way keep a GPS device or phone with you that can track your exact location. Make sure you keep somebody updated at home about your whereabouts so that if necessary, they can help. A compass or map can also be useful to help you navigate your way through mountains where there is no signal.

Water Bottles – Keeping yourself hydrated is very important, especially when it comes to hiking or any similar adventure. So, keep small water bottles with you to drink at regular intervals and avoid dehydration. Avoid carrying big bottles as they increase weight of your backpack. Instead, carry small bottles that would fit the side pockets of your bag easily.

Bed or Shelter – When you are done for the day and want to rest, a shelter or bivvy bag helps you keep dry and warm. Sleep peacefully in your bag or set up a tent for added protection from the outdoors.

Sun Protection – Hiking means travelling in varied weather and sometimes the heat can be too much causing heat rashes and sunburn. To make sure you are safe from the sun, carry sunglasses and sun cream with you. They will help you stay protected against sun exposure for a long period of time.

Bug Spray – The most common issue in the mountains are the bugs and insects. Make sure they do not bite you by covering yourself with an insect repellent ointment. You can also spray bug repellent in the tent to make sure you get a peaceful sleep.

Torch – Walking in the dark is fun but risky. To keep going, even if there is no light, use a torch. Not only that, keep some extra batteries with you so that you do not lose the light.

Plan a hiking trip for your next vacation but make sure you pack all the essentials to help along the way. If necessary create a checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten.


Cornishman and lover of adventures in the great wilderness, Mike has been writing on his website Wild Tide for three years. Jack of all outdoor pursuits (and master of none), he writes about everything he loves including: kayaking, camping, fishing, snorkelling, climbing, mountain scrambling, surfing, SUP, outdoor cooking, hiking, cycling, coastal living and his VW van. As a total gear junkie and technical clothing lover, Mike is excited and proud to write for Outdoor Look as well as Wild Tide.

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