Gear up for Your Hiking Trip!

Hiking is one such experience which makes people come out of their monotonous routine and helps them to plunge into innumerable experiences. It allows them to spend quality time with family and friends by being together for an adventurous experience. But before you start packing your bag and get on the road, make sure your bag contains all the essential items which can come handy while you are up for the experience of your lifetime.

Make a checklist and keep ticking them when you have successfully put the essentials in your backpack.

Good Quality Backpack

The first step towards hiking is ensuring that you have a backpack which should be comfortable and big enough to carry all the daily items which you may need. Before buying the backpack, try wearing it with a load and analyse whether you are comfortable or not. A backpack of 20 litres would suit the needful. If you feel any pinch points or the backpack fails to stay at its designated place, then try another one.

Also check that the backpack should have hip straps. The hip straps should be above the hip bones which will allow you to support more weight.

The Right Footwear

Since you will be at a place which will be quite far away from all the comforts which we are habituated to, we have to take utmost care about any undue accidents like a sprained ankle which might mar our adventuring experience. Regular hiking shoes can be a suitable one for a stroll in the garden but for higher elevations, one is surely needed to have hiking boots which provide ankle support. Before buying, try them out and walk for a while to make sure that you are comfortable in the pair of shoes. Apart from that, the shoes should offer breathability and be waterproof.

A soft and supple sole will be a perfect fit on trials but for off-trials a high cut boot with a stiffer sole is the most efficient one.

Other Apparels Also Hold an Important Value for Hiking

Select the type of socks which does not leave blisters on the skin. For this purpose, try avoiding cotton socks and go with wool or synthetic blend.

Shirts and shorts should be wool or merino blended. Trekking in hot weather asks for full technical apparels.

Also, undergarments should be in tandem with the weather and place you are going for hiking as the wrong type of undies can lead to chafing and discomfort.

Efficient ways from sun protection is also advised. A brimming hat or a trucker-style hat can protect you from scorching rays from the sun. Trucker hats will provide sun protection and the mesh will allow rays to escape back.

Next on the checklist is the availability of the waterproof/weatherproof jacket. Remember that you are out in the nature and the nature can throw numerous tantrums at you, so be prepared for any type of weather.

Being a little prepared can allow you to have fun all the way whereas avoiding these essential items can make or break your journey depending upon the fact that your stars are in your favour or not! So, why take risks when you can have all the fun?


Chris shares his passion for cycling, hiking, skiing, and climbing from Buxton, in the Peak District. As a blogger for Outdoor Look, Chris shares outdoor tips and indoor tricks to help you get the most out of your time spent outside. When he's not out adventuring he's making videos or trying to keep up with his 4-year-old son.

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