Exploring UK’s Countryside on a Bicycle

Travelling through the countryside in the UK is a favoured activity during summertime. The historic county of Yorkshire, known for its undying love affair with the game of cricket, also houses some picturesque routes that would leave the cyclists wonder-struck.

Let us take a look at some of the most beautiful cycling routes that lie between Yorkshire and Northumberland.

  1. The Lakeside Way at the Kielder Forest

A cyclist cannot ignore the Kielder Forest Lakeside Way. It is one of the most popular cycling spots in Northumberland. You’d be able to enjoy the breathtaking views on offer near the shoreline of the Kielder Water Reservoir.

The trail encompasses the dam and the castle. Arrangements have been made for the visitors to freshen-up and refuel. There’s a café, putting all your coffee and cake cravings to rest. You’d also come across a visitor centre with all the modern amenities. There’s a cycle centre at the castle should there be a need to repair the bicycle. Additionally, the mountain bike trails have been colour-coded according to the level of difficulty.

  1. To Berwick From Bellingham

The route offers a unique set of challenges, but the rewards of completing the journey, spanning across a distance of 78 miles, are breathtaking. The Journey begins from Bellingham, a small village in Northumberland and takes you to Berwick upon Tweed.  The route 68 of the National Cycle Network is the ideal route for you. You’d be able to see the beautiful scenic views of the Northumberland National Park.

  1. The Harwood Forest

Miss the beautiful views of the Simonside Hills at your own risk. The total distance of the ride is 27 miles. It would take you through the picturesque hill farms and the moorland. Also, the place is away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. From Newcastle to Bellingham

If you’re craving for some stunning scenic beauty, this route is tailor made for you. This route goes from Newcastle to Northumberland. The trail lies on route 72 of the National Cycle Network (NCN) and stretches along the Tyne River to Howdon (East). After that, you need to continue on the route 10 towards Bellingham is also a preferred fishing spot.

  1. To Morpeth From Sunderland

The trail goes past the route 1 and route 155 of the National Cycle Network. The route takes you through Tyne and Wear into Morpeth, which happens to be a Northumberland’s county town. Also, the route has traffic-free segments and has a total length of 37 miles.

  1. From Middlesbrough to Sunderland

You’d reach the north-eastern city of Sunderland if you ride along the route 1 and 14 of the NCN.  The route offers you an excellent escape if you’re looking for peace of mind.

  1. The Boltby Forest

If you wish to travel through the moors across North Yorkshire while searching for some badly-needed inspiration for your next literary piece, this route is perfect for you. The forest houses bridleways, walking tracks, and footpaths with scintillating views on either side.

  1. From Whitby to Middlesbrough

It’s a 40-mile journey and takes you through some of the most visually-appealing parts of the route 1 of the NCN. Splendid coastal views of the Runswick and the Sandsend Bay can be seen along the way. The route would take you through picturesque villages that redefine beauty and charm.

  1. From Scarborough to Whitby

The route follows a redundant railway track, popularly called the Cinder Track. It offers you an array of scenic views, including those of the moors and the sea. You’d also get to see Robin Hood’s Bay along with the Hayburn Wyke. Lastly, the route spans across a length of 22 miles.



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