Explore the majestic wildlife of Africa

Are you thinking about visiting Africa or planning your first trip to Africa and want to explore the wildlife in all its glory? Or are you indecisive of which part of the country you should visit? Then, search no more and put all your worries aside as I have for you, some awesome tips and information of the Safaris available in the wilderness of Africa.

Why a Safari?

If you want to see the panoramic views and witness the majestic wildlife in all its glory, then a Safari is a must. The glorious continent with all its countries and little regions presents an amalgamation of rich geology, amazing geography and deep-rooted culture across the landmass.

Would You Rather Go to a National Park or a Private Reserve?

The National Parks and Reserves are pretty much handled by the government and so, they are open to the general public and offer a controlled environment to experience the wildlife in its natural habitat. While most of the rules and regulations stand the same for both, the park and the reserve are very much different. Mostly because the privately-owned reserves have the rigidity of rules and offer limited options.

Even the lodging options in the Private reserves and private concessions are more than the lodging charges back at the National Park.

The Weather Conditions to Keep in Mind

Weather patterns in Africa are such that every part of the country experiences a different climate setting, influenced by its geographical proximity to hilly regions, the coastline or the Equator. The best time to visit the Southern Region is from May to November when the weather is mostly pleasant. However, visiting Eastern Africa during the year is going to be muddy and sticky mostly, as there is rainy season looping around all year round. So, your window to go there on a Safari is left to be June to August.

The top Safari destinations in the continent

Even though the whole landmass has magical energy attracting you towards it, you would have to pick a single destination to travel to at a time to completely savor the beauty and magic of the country. This little list I have put together wouldn’t leave you disappointed with any of the options available.

  1. Namibia

A great place to visit it you are looking for a classic or walking safari. Along the way you can expect to see elephants and desert-adapted rhinos. It is best to go over the summer months and we suggest visiting Namib-Naukluft, Fish River Canyon, Etosha and the Skeleton Coast.

  1. Kenya

A great place to visit it you are looking for cultural heritage, a great migration or a classic safari. You will encounter lions in their full glory especially if you visit around May to February. We suggest visiting Ol Pejeta, Shaba and Lake Nakuru.

  1. South Africa

A great place to visit it you are looking to take part in multisports, family travel, cycling and a luxury safari. Along the way you will see stunning wetlands, wildlife reserves and coastal forests and is great for year round visitation. Top places to visit include Maloti-Drakensberg Park, Kruger, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi and Table Mountai.

  1. Malawi

This location is great for kayaking, visiting lake islands and hiking and you may encounter black rhinos on your travels if you go May to October. Top places to visit include Majete, Mt. Mulanje, Liwonde and Lake Malawi.

  1. Rwanda

Suitable if you are looking for an on foot trekking safari or cycling. You are likely to see Chimpanzees, Colobus monkeys and mountain Mountain gorillas if you visit June to August and December to February. Places to see include Nyungwe Forest, Akagera and Volcanoes National Park.

Now that you know all about the tourist attractions in some of the most beautiful places in Africa, you can plan your trip in advance and enjoy a whole week fun with your family or loved ones.


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