Don’t Forget to Bring These Items for Your Next Camping Trip!

My favourite season of the year is the summer because it’s the camping season, spending time outside the comfort of your home keeps you connected with nature and is often advised for family bonding.

Camping is fun for sure, but it is not as easy as it so unds. You would not want to get caught in the wilderness without the key items. It is important to pack all the essentials before leaving for a camping trip for it to be a pleasant experience. I have been on numerous camping trips with my friends as well as family and I know exactly what you’ll need for a camping adventure. Here is a list of camping essentials.

Start with a Backpack:  Now, this may seem quite obvious but the quality and the type of your backpack matters. Choose a backpack that serves its purpose and is big enough to accommodate your other essentials. Get a backpack that is waterproof (of course!) and has different compartments that will help you organise your stuff accordingly.

Make Your Survival Kit: You should be prepared for the worst when on any trip - camping or otherwise. You must have a survival kit that is more than a basic first aid kit. Your survival kit should be equipped to get you out of any situation, Your survival kit should contain a functional GPS locator, relevant maps, compass, first aid kit, torch, portable charger, sun cream, matches, tent accessory extras etc.

Food and Clothes: Camping cannot be fun without food and suitable clothes. People often prefer to cook their meals when camping. For this, you can bring the required essentials such as a stove and necessary utensils. If you are not planning to cook, you can bring along ready to eat items . The clothes you pack must be comfortable and packed according to your camping destination. Your packing bag should include - hiking boots, waterproof sandals, breathable jackets, full sleeves clothes, and comfortable nightclothes.

Shelter Essentials: One of the primary requirements of any camping trip is a shelter and you must ensure that you pack all the necessary items. Starting with the tent, you can either set up one big tent or many small tents based on the level of privacy you need. Make sure that your tent  is waterproof and strong enough to withstand minor weather changes such as strong wind, drizzling rain, etc. Depending on the place you have chosen for your camping trip, choose a sleeping bag or pad which keeps you warm and comfortable.


A keen runner, skier and nuts about cycling. Karl lives in Cumbria, where he loves encouraging his two children to follow in his outdoor lifestyle. Whilst out and about keeping active, Karl keeps a diary and shares it with Outdoor Look.

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