Cycling Success and Mishaps – Be Seen and Be Safe

Following the success of Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott in the velodrome and the exploits of Bradley Wiggins both at the Olympics and in the Tour de France, cycling is once again seeing a significant rise in popularity; being used to raise over £1.25 million for Children In Need last week by an intrepid team of kids cycling from Llandudno to London on a rickshaw.


Whilst this is great for seeing people getting more exercise and having fun, we have seen a couple of high profile accidents occur on the road recently. Bradley Wiggins, Shane Sutton and Mark Cavendish have all been suffered various injuries, which just goes to prove accidents can happen to anyone.


Mark Cavendish has become the latest member of Team GB to have been injured after running into the back of a car during training in Italy. He was lucky in that he only suffered a bruised arm. However, Bradley Wiggins and Shane Sutton weren’t so lucky after being knocked off their bikes by moving vehicles, they were both hospitalized. Wiggins spent one night in hospital with bruised ribs and hands, but is about to resume training for next year’s events. Sutton had surgery on a broken cheekbone and also sustained bruising and bleeding to the brain, but has now returned to work at the Track World Cup, taking place in Glasgow.


To make sure other road users are made more aware of cyclists of all ages, so we can keep accidents to a minimum, check out the high visibility vests that have been added to our range of cycling clothing.  Go to the DOE website for some useful safety tips and to quote Sgt Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues “Lets Be Careful Out There”, or is that me showing my age?


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