Choosing Your Perfect Ski Jacket

Every passionate or professional skier knows the importance of the Ski Jacket as it not a mere clothing, but also a protective element that would help you tackle difficult weather conditions, be it snow, chilly wind, rain, etc. Hence, it is paramount to choose a jacket that would keep you safe and comfortable so that you can have the best experience skiing on the mountains.  Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while selecting the right jacket for you.

Get a good shell jacket

Traditional ski jackets are no doubt completely insulated and are perfect to keep you warm during extreme cold conditions. The mountains can be really challenging in terms of the extreme weather conditions that they have. Snowy mountains can be cold, but after the sun is up, the weather gets a little warm. At this point, a shell jacket is perfect as it has a thin breathable and waterproof layer. A good shell jacket will help protect you against wind and rain controlling your body temperature.

Good fitting

You will be wearing this throughout your trip and you don't want to end up with an ill-fitting jacket. Ski jackets are usually expensive and should be chosen carefully. Get the right size jacket with a nice length and padding. A jacket that covers your back area is good as it will save your bum during sudden falls. It’s also important that you can move yourself comfortably and even dip the chin beneath. Pull the high collars over your chin, lips and the tip of your nose to keep the wind off.

Right colour

The colour of the jacket will be something, with which you will be recognized. So, it’s important to choose a colour that is bright and will help you stand apart from others. You can try out some unique colours like burnt orange, mint and emerald, which are popular and avoid traditional colours like plain blue, green and red. These traditional colours are usually associated with ski instructors. A unique colour will help identify you in case you get lost in the lift queue.

Look at the technical information

Read and know about the technical specification of the jacket. Many jackets are waterproof to up to 20,000 mm. However, you can also go in a jacket that is 10,000 mm waterproof, breathable up to 20,000 gr, Gore-Tex, vent zips, snow skirt. Gore-Tex is the best fabric that keeps the wet and snow out and even lets sweat escape. Snow skirt is useful in preventing the snow from getting inside and wetting your base layer; especially if you are skiing in powder snow.

Go for a good brand!

Do not worry spending a bit more, as you simply cannot compromise on the quality of the jacket. Go for a brand that gives you a jacket which is durable, breathable, and waterproof. Remember that it’s no ordinary clothing and the price that you will be paying will guarantee its durability and long life.

So, keep these things in mind when you go out shopping for ski jackets. Try out several jackets, first to get the right fit. Read out specifications that would suit the basic requirements of clothing on any skiing expedition. Don’t hesitate to spend more if it’s about getting the best quality jacket.


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