Affordable and High-Quality Entry-Level Mountain Bikes

The first biking experience needs to be so amazing that it becomes a passion to ride thick-wheeled mountain bikes on dirt tracks, mountain slopes and off-road tracks. But, in order to hit the nerve wrecking tracks you will need to practice smooth tracks, and for that a mountain bike solves the purpose. Learn to rip the downhill slope and go out further to the adventurous outdoors with a great biking equipment.

The tough and high-quality bikes tend to make holes in your pockets and may put you off the sport. But the ideal suspension type and perfect wheel diameter optimise the efficiency and overall weight of the bike. Be a competitive and focused bike rider with decent gear range and an aluminium frame that makes it a stunning and strong bike.


Basis for choosing beginner mountain bikes:

  • The wheel diameter: consider the thickness of the tyre for absorbing the bumps.
  • Bike style: decide where and how you plan to ride.
  • Suspension: meant to handle the terrain’s roughness.

Now get armed with your kind of bike that you are looking for and prepare to explore, discover and tour a new adventure bike ride into the wild and unleash the hidden terrains!


A keen runner, skier and nuts about cycling. Karl lives in Cumbria, where he loves encouraging his two children to follow in his outdoor lifestyle. Whilst out and about keeping active, Karl keeps a diary and shares it with Outdoor Look.

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