A Trip To Alderley Edge

Whenever I think of Alderley Edge, gentle winds, beautiful sunshine and fantastic views come to mind. Last weekend I put on my new trail shoes and headed out for a walk on the edge! On reaching my destination I was welcomed with lush green woods and a ray of beautiful sunshine.

This month has been crazy in regards to the weather, one minute sunshine and the next rain, keeping us on our toes as to what is coming next. An excursion to the National Trust at Alderley Edge turned out to be a good choice for my weekend jaunt. A light non-strenuous walk with breathtaking views is always a welcomed treat. The path I take is always well paved making it a good place to go walking come rain or shine.

As I started to venture into the woods towards the views I was desperate to see it started to drizzle. Luckily I had my handy pack away waterproof with me as the slight drizzle became a heavy downpour. I soldiered on and was not disappointed by the views the edge had to offer. It no longer mattered that it was raining. I took some pictures as the views were amazing even though the visibility was low.

As I previously mentioned the weather this month is unpredictable. I was lucky enough to be at the viewing point when the rain stopped and the sun came out. When the dark clouds cleared away, a bright and beautiful view was revealed. I took away from the trip the contentment in knowing that even heavy rain won’t dampen my enjoyment of exploring the beauty of nature.

So what’s the verdict on my new trail shoes?

If you've been following me on social media, you may probably know that I've bought a pair of new trail shoes last week. They are so amazing that I want to wear them everywhere. So, when I was leaving for Alderley Edge, I just picked them up for the leisurely wander.


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