A Go-To Guide for Finding the Right Camping Toilet

One of the most crucial situations when you are camping in the wilderness is using the loo. Be it after midnight or early in the morning, things get a bit out of hand when you have not the necessary equipment in place. Camping tents are a major relief when it comes to hygienic lavatory facilities.

Choosing the right one for your trip is important as you may require a certain type of equipment and setup in different weather and terrains. Below are the types of camping toilet types that one can choose for the camp:

Recirculating Chemical Portable Toilets

These are the most preferred ones when it comes to odour reduction. The flush mechanism in these toilets is similar to the airplane lavatories. The foot or handle pump is used for flushing the waste that circulates the chemicals in the toilet and drops the waste in a tank.

Self-servicing Portable Toilets

These are classic portable toilets and are the best in extreme weather conditions or at places where waste disposing is difficult to carry out. These toilets have a removable cassette toilet that flushes the waste into the tank. The tank has to be removed from the unit to throw the waste at a disposal site.

Bucket Toilets

These are the simplest to use, carry and service. You can customize a bucket yourself or can buy one. They have a toilet seat fixated onto a bucket, generally a paint bucket for a sturdy base, so that the toilet does not tip over when you are using it. The main concern with the toilets is that the waste in them cannot be flushed and they do not have a lid. However, you can use toilet additives to bring down the stink.

There are many other elaborate lavatory types, but these are the most commonly used while camping.

For better privacy and to keep the odour controlled, there is an option for setting up a tent toilet. These tent toilets have a zipper door that helps in isolating the toilet from the main living area, keeping the odour away and giving plenty of privacy to use the toilet. Also, you can make a tent toilet away from the main tent, keeping things really far away from the place you are living, so that to prevent the discomfort from the stench.

Necessary Camping Toilet Accessories

Extra attachments and necessary accessories are very important to keep while camping as it makes it easier to execute and help keep the hygiene levels satisfactorily low. Here are a few of the camping toilet accessories:

Holding Tanks – these hold the waste and are available in different sizes. You can boost the holding capacity of your toilet and reducing the rounds of emptying.

A Containment system for holding tanks – this system helps enclose the holding tanks to prevent soil contamination in-case there is an overflow situation.

Containment Pans – these pans work as an extra protection as they can hold up to 26 gallons of waste in case there is an overflow.


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