A Casual Stroll Around Tatton Park

Tatton park, as you must have gathered from my previous posts, is one of my favourite places to be when I need to relax. The parks and gardens have something majestic about them in the summer season, which makes visiting them wonderful at any time of the year.

An easy stroll of a pleasant day

The park is in all its glory in the summer, especially when there is an event going on and the area is swamped with interesting people from all walks of life. For the first time in years I was able to get close to the tall fruit trees, lean over the ponds and take pictures with nobody coming in our way and with certainly no kids playing around the pond.

Tropical House

As we made our way towards the tropical house we found something completely unexpected and beautiful. It looked almost as if we are inside a jungle, a place you won’t imagine exists half an hour from Manchester. There were thousands of  different types of  plants, flowers and tress all with colours blending beautifully against the shades of green.

A Surprise for You and Me

We discovered other beauties and surprises around the park. Small pathways and courtyards, majestic plants with sunshine flooding in from the side, drawing you towards it.

I don’t know what draws me here to Cheshire at least once a month, the beauty of Tatton Park, the hidden history in the alleyways of Knutsford or just the calming feeling in the atmosphere here. I guess all t his make Cheshire such a great place to visit whenever you want to take your mind off things. Take a stroll here once, and see for yourself.


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