5 Things to Keep in Mind to Avoid Bike Theft

Bike theft is so common nowadays that we really struggle hard in order to avoid it. Thieves have also been constantly upgrading their methods of stealing. In such a scenario, we also need to be more than just being cautious. There are some handy ways through which we can prevent such untoward incidents.

1) Scan the Place Where You Are Parking Your Bike

You might have the latest version of your bike well equipped with all types of gears which can enhance your cycling experience, but it will be of no use if you fail to find a suitable place for parking your bike. Always keep in mind to park your bike at a place where there are large number of people. This will deter the thieves from stealing your bike. Also, avoid locking your bike to a weak fence. It may sound less important to be taken care, but a small step can prevent your bike theft.

2) Keep the Bike Safe Overnight

Parking the bike at night can be devoid of any potent type of security. Even public places like gardens and garages are not safe enough to provide shelter to your bike. In this case, the best plan will be to park your bike in your home or build a bike shed to offer rest to your bike.

3) Always Prefer Buying a Good Lock and Make Sure You Use It

The best way to stop an adamant thief from stealing your bike is to buy a good quality lock and make sure to use it. Avoid using a cheap lock for this purpose as this will be an investment and ROI (return on investment) is something which is worth your money. Make proper research online and visit stores to buy a suitable lock for your bike.

4)Register Your Bike

Register your bike as soon as possible since marking your bike and getting a unique identification number of your bike can help you track the bike in case it gets stolen. Adding a warning label can also give people a sign that your bike has been registered and if anyone dares to steal it, it may land them in trouble.

5) Make GPS Tracker the Ultimate Weapon to Shield Your Bike

You should install a GPS tracker in your bike and the main advantage of using it is that it can be done smartly. So, whenever your bike gets stolen, you can use an app and easily track it down. Checking the range of your GPS can ease the process of tracking it down.

Ultimately, when you are on the quest of tracking your bike down, make sure that you don’t go alone because this can be dangerous. Also, inform the police to avoid any forthcoming dangers.

Hence, bike theft can be avoided by being cautious enough and taking a few preventive measures to ensure safety.


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