3 UK trails you need to go explore!

They say that if you want to explore a UK national park more closely, the simplest and most productive way is to go on foot.

When you start the journey at your own pace, it will not only let you appreciate how mesmerising these natural spaces are but will also take away all your daily life stress and chaos.

Well, it’s true that not everyone will agree to go for a grand trek, but believe it or not, these 3 UK trails will not at all disappoint you. Let’s see why I am bragging about these places from the very beginning.

Stroll down the Pembrokeshire coastal path

One of the best trails in UK is the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Starting from St. Dogmaels in the north and ending up in the south Amroth, this wonderful trail covers about every type of maritime landscape, be it rugged cliff tops, or winding estuaries, sheltered coves, or beautiful wide-open beaches.

This outstanding trail that goes along the coastline of this National Park allows you to enjoy some of the top scenery in Britain. The path mainly provides the walker with visits to offshore stacks, beaches, islands, cliffs and amazing abundant of bird life. Get ready with your cameras, you’re going to take some top-notch pictures along the way.

Also, with every turn you’ll experience something new such as a little harbour or a village that allows you to learn about a new lifestyle. There is also a lot to offer the history lovers among us as you can go out and check some of the best ancient and historic sites.

Lots to do along the Cotswold Way

If you think a garden is one of the most beautiful and calm places then you must visit the Cotswold Way. There are a few reasons why I’ve put this place on the top of my list. This is one fabulous long-distance trail that covers around 100 miles between Bath and Chipping Camden.

The walk allows you to visit many places from enchanting villages to ancient abbeys and historic castles. You will also be able to explore the typically English lush greenery in the countryside. This long trail will surely appeal to those looking for a peaceful and hilly place rather than a mountainous hike.

If you explore the train from start to finish you’ll end your journey in the City of Bath where you’ll get to experience the fine architecture and beautiful Roman Baths. Altogether the scenic landscapes and villages you’ll experience in the Cotswold will fill you with happiness from start to the end.

Travel along the Yorkshire Wolds Way

Last on my list is the Yorkshire Wolds Way. When you explore the place on foot, you’ll see the amazing downland scenery, dry valleys, patches of woodlands and the chalk grasslands with poppies.

To begin the journey, you need to start west along the River Humber and then the path follows a crescent shape that ultimately takes you to Filey Brigg where it meets the Cleveland Way National Trail. This allows the walkers to enjoy two longer and continuous walks while appreciating the local beauty.

The route is ideal for those who want to go for a multi-day walking without having to be an expert navigator as the route is very well marked. So without having to think too much you will enjoy your stroll over the tranquil Yorkshire countryside.

So, here I end with my list of top UK national trails. Without a doubt, you’re going to love these places but just ensure you take all the preventive measures before heading towards a long-distance trail.


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